5 Must Do’s For First Time House Builders

5 Must Do’s For First Time House Builders

It’s a brave thing to engage house builders in Cairns to build a new home to your design but it’s certainly not a foolish decision; it is the best way to get the home of your dreams. Although for us at Sawcom it is routine, building your own home is exciting and at times overwhelming experience. We advise that you should actively participate in the whole process and not be passive because there are decisions that must be made by you to ensure you achieve the result you want. There are five must-dos that need to be your priority:

1. Know your numbers

You need to have a budget. You must have a budget. You need to have accurate estimates of the costs of construction including the connection to utilities, tax benefits, value of down payment, contingency fund, and other related calculations. At this stage, there is no need to have expenditure estimates for furnishings but a furnishing budget should be on your radar.
You will also need this budget and house plan to arrange financing. Home construction lending is different to regular mortgage financing. To start you will need a line of credit to enable payment of contractors and suppliers, then, once the house is constructed you will need a residential mortgage.

2. Get a reputable builder

The builder you choose must have your trust and the relationship and communication between you should be good. Do your research to make a shortlist of possible builders and then “interview” them before making a choice. Look at online reviews on independent sites and ask for specific examples of previous builds. At the very minimum, your builder should be a member of the Housing Industry Association.

3. Build with resale in mind

Even though you might be building what you think will be your forever home, there is always the future possibility that it will not be the last home you own. You should be mindful of the potential resale value. This means it shouldn’t contain upgrades and features that overprice it for the neighbourhood and shouldn’t be too out of the ordinary.

4. Think Green

As the world’s eco-conscience grows, there is increasing demand for environmentally-friendly homes. Your home’s design should maximise energy efficiency. This means minimising insulation, installing the highest rated boiler and air conditioning systems, and anything else where there is a greener option.

5. Be tight with the snagging list

Quality lies in the finishing touches. The snagging list is all the items – big and small – that need finishing off before the builder can sign your home off as being liveable. Know the difference between reasonable and unreasonable flaws and know when to agree you have reached the point of substantial completion.

If you are looking for house builders in Cairns, we’d be very happy to consult with you. Give us a call or drop into our workshop.