Custom Fabrication
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Cairns Custom Fabrication

Sawcom Industries are Cairns custom fabrication specialists with experience in a variety of industries, including vehicle modification, unique metal design, pressure vessels and a whole lot more. Our team work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is properly realised. We can work with an existing sketch you have, design our own, or even put together a precise CAD drawing if necessary.

Get in touch with Steve on 0459 590 877, or send him an email to enquire about a project.

Vehicle Modifications:

Our installations are safe and designed to withstand day to day brunt as well as specialist applications like off-roading. Your vehicle may, however, require engineer approval to remain roadworthy, depending on the modification. Vehicle modifications that we can weld include:

  • Roll cages
  • 4×4 accessories
  • Engine mounts
  • Unique enclosures
  • Custom toolboxes
  • Custom fuel tanks and cells (see pressure vessels page)

One area we have a lot of experience in is caravan modifications and repair. We’re equipped to weld both stainless steel and aluminium, but we’ve also got extensive experience in welding alloys that are not commonly used on vehicles.

Unique Designs:

We build all kinds of one-off creations, like custom tool and tackleboxes, portable staircases, custom furniture pieces, or replications of existing work. Got a crazy one-of-a-kind idea that simply can’t be left to waste on paper? Come into our workshop and speak to one of our qualified boilermakers. We’ll make your dream a reality and ensure the full potential of your design is realised, including any necessary engineer certification. Get in touch with Steve on 0459 590 877 or send him an email.

Our team of qualified boilermakers have a wide variety of specialist experience, and our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision, sturdiness and safety on every bend, cut and weld we make.  We’re equipped to weld all kinds of exotic alloys and we can weld on-site if the project size necessitates it.

Personalised Approach:

For custom projects requiring thought-out design and attention to detail, it’s important that nothing gets left out. From the design process to handover, our clients deal entirely with Steve, an owner of Sawcom and supervisor of all boilermaking projects. Our clients get to have a full and frank discussion about their expectations with the person designing it, not a salesperson. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure nothing gets left behind and any design concerns are ratified properly.

Get in Touch

Give the team at Sawcom Industries a call to discuss our custom fabrication services. Call 0459 590 877.