Industrial Fabrication & Maintenance
part of cutting and drilling industrial machines

Cairns Industrial Fabrication

Cairns industrial fabrication specialists, Sawcom Industries, fabricate and maintain metal structures and components for specialised industries.

Our qualified boilermakers have experience across a diverse range of industries and understand how to adapt specialised welding procedures to suit unique applications.

See our industries page for a better idea of the industries we’re experienced with. We meet tight deadlines and communicate effectively with our clients to ensure everything goes as planned.

Get in touch with Steve on 0459 590 877 to discuss our services or arrange a consultation.

Fabrication & Design:

We can work with your own engineers or design metal components and structures in-house. Our extensive experience within heavy industries has given us the opportunity to weld with a wide variety of exotic alloys, and if necessary, we can select an alloy best suited to your intended application.

Non-destructive testing is available for pressure vessels, and all engineering certification is outsourced to ensure our fabrications are safe, secure and strong.

Our fabrication capabilities include:

  • Fuel tanks, pipes and pressure vessels
  • Overhead walkways and stairs for facilities
  • Vehicle modifications and accessories
  • Exotic alloy selection and welding for unique applications

Fabrication Maintenance and Repairs:

We’re available for scheduled fabrication maintenance on your facilities, equipment and vehicles, as well as around the clock emergency repairs.

Our scheduled maintenance can be done at our workshop, or if necessary, we can come to your facilities to take care of any maintenance concerns that have accrued since our last visit. In heavy industries, equipment doesn’t always decide to break at the most convenient time of day.

For this reason, 24/7 Emergency repairs are available to our clients for peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Friendly Personalised Service

Our client relations are second-to-none; have peace of mind, knowing that you’ve got a dedicated fabrication supervisor to speak to at a moments notice.

We have full and frank discussions with our clients over designs to ensure their vision is realised, and we communicate effectively to avoid disruption to your business.

Get in Touch

Give the team at Sawcom Industries a call to discuss our industrial fabrication and welding services. Call 0459 590 877.