Pressure Vessels
Industrial pipe with gas and oil and water

Cairns Pressure Vessels

Sawcom Industries are fabrication specialists with extensive experience in building durable Cairns pressure vessels for a variety of applications. We provide personal engagement with our clients throughout the build process. Our vessels are available for non-destructive testing and x-raying to ensure safety and durability for your intended application.

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Experienced Pressure Vessel Fabrication:

Our team are knowledgeable in all types of welding and have extensive experience in the use of exotic alloys, allowing us to build pressure vessels for specialist applications. If necessary, we can recommend an ideal alloy for your intended application.

Types of pressure vessels we’re equipped to manufacture include:

  • Vehicle fuel tanks and cells
  • Gas tanks
  • Large pipe mains
  • Industrial storage tanks
  • Processing vessels
  • Heat exchangers

We can build pressure vessels in all shapes and sizes to any design specifications you desire. Vessels are usually fabricated at our in-house facilities, but for larger vessels or vessels in awkward positions, we can come to site and put it together for you.

Welding Safety & Quality Control:

Many of our clients in specialist industries such as government organisations and those in the energy industry, have stringent quality or safety standards to meet. Our welding always follows Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) sheets, but we can bring in an independent qualified inspector to ensure reliability and safety. Welding practices and overall structure of the weld will be tested by the inspector before being sent to a non-destructive testing technician for an x-ray and comprehensive analysis. This process certifies that the weld meets the tight requirements specified by our clients and the WPS sheet.

Personalised Service:

We pride ourselves on our one-on-one client engagement. Throughout the entire design, fabrication and installation process, you or your staff will deal solely with Steve, Sawcom owner and supervisor of all boilermaking and engineering projects. Working directly with a qualified, highly-experienced boilermaker allows any capabilities, limitations and weaknesses of your design to be reviewed and adjusted in a timely manner, without negatively affecting your project. Having a close relationship with our clients is important and our clients love that they speak to a qualified tradesman, not a sales representative.

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