Repairs & Maintenance

Cairns Fabrication Repairs

Sawcom Industries are Cairns welding repair specialists, providing expert corrosion repairs, frame strengthening, leak repairs and more. We’re staffed by a team of qualified boilermakers with a wide range of experience in different industries, allowing us to weld any alloy you desire. Your repair will be structurally sound and designed to withstand everyday wear and tear for years to come. Mobile and emergency repairs are available on request.

Give Steve a call on 0459 590 877 for more information on our welding services and arrange an appointment at our workshop.

Corrosion Repair and Welding:

When subjected to the salt-water climate and humidity of tropical North Queensland, metal ute trays, toolboxes, boats, chassis frames and other metal components are often pre-disposed to harsh corrosion. You can rely on Sawcom Industries to accurately assess the extent of corrosion damage and perform rigid, reliable and cost-effective repairs that don’t compromise the structural rigidity and cosmetic beauty of the item you bring in. Other regular maintenance we perform includes spot welding repairs and frame strengthening.

Mobile and Emergency Repairs:

Our team regularly go out to locals around Cairns for welding and fabrication services when the item requiring service is just too big or inconvenient to bring to our workshop. For a premium, we can perform mobile welding repairs, and our team are available for 24/7 emergency repairs to the wider Cairns area when emergency strikes.

Marine Repairs:

Being so close to the Port of Cairns, we’re a fantastic choice for quick marine repairs. As experienced fabricators for the local marine industry, you can trust us to take care of your pride and joy. We’re experienced in a wide range of marine repair services, including:

  • Hull strengthening
  • Leak repair
  • Rust repair
  • Corrosion / electrolysis repair
  • Panel replacement and damage repair


Depending on the design, we may be able to build a new replicated item if repairs seem unviable or too costly. Getting metal components replicated allows you to choose a completely different alloy and improve upon the original design of the old component if necessary. Understanding the kinds of conditions your broken item is regularly exposed to, we may be able to choose another alloy or design that would make your metal item a bit more durable.

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