Variation To Works Explained

Variation To Works Explained

When you are setting up a contract with a builder for a construction project, then you may notice a section of that contract which deals with something called variation.

These might also be called a ‘change’, and are inserted there as a way for your Cairns builders to adapt for particular challenges. If this is the first time you have had to deal with the subject of variation to works, then Sawcom can help you to understand more about this subject.

A safety net

The use of a variation is there as a safety net, or a fallback, which will allow your builder to make necessary changes to the original description of the work. This might mean that they omit a particular part of the plan, or alter the plan to fit their need.

A change in construction

The main reason that your builders will need something like a variation in the contract is that sometimes they do have to change the written version of the project in order to meet the requirements of the bill.

This is because construction works are incredibly complex, and things may occur during the build which mean that your builder has to make these changes. Sawcom may need to make variations quickly in order to allow them to carry on with the project.

What do these changes cover?

The ability to change the construction project after the contract has been agreed is there to allow the builder to adapt. For example, there may be a design change in the build after the contract has been agreed.

There may be new laws put in place by the state which require changes to the contract, or they may be a discovery on the site which means that the project cannot be completed as intended.

Are variations necessary?

If you want to make sure that your construction project is completed as efficiently as possible, and in good time, then you will need to allow the builder to make variations as they see fit. Without the ability to change, your construction project may become bloated, or will not be finished at all.

Agreeing variations with a trusted builder

If you want to make sure that your construction project goes ahead as designed, then you will need to agree variations with a team of Cairns builders that you trust. Find out more about variation to work today when you speak to Sawcom online, or call our building team on 0499-845-222 now.

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